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de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
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Children - With friends and family

Information and tickets
T +32 (0)59 24 21 91

Birthday party

Is it your birthday?! Turn your birthday into a memorable celebration and invite your friends to join in the festivities at Mu.ZEE! Explore the surprising backgrounds of the works on exhibit, use a thousand-and-one materials to create your own works of art and feast on delicious pancakes.

Family tours

We offer fun family tours for children, parents and grandparents during school holidays. You can join a group if you have booked this in advance.

Family tour tailored to your group

Would you like to enjoy a fun guided tour with a group of your friends, family members and children of varying ages? We will be happy to put together a creative tour, specifically tailored to your group!

Duration: 1 ½ hours
Price: €70 + entree fee
Advance booking required


Treasures presented by cultural mascot Vlieg

Do you see what I see?
Ongoing summer programme of activities to be completed independently by the whole family. Each and every day, our imagination is tickled, as it were, by images. Everyone responds differently to these stimuli. Do you see what I see? Or do you see something completely different? How can our works of art lead you to new insights?
For more information: www.uitmetvlieg.be

Creative workshop

Wednesday afternoons

On Wednesday afternoons children are invited to join mu-zee-um vzw in a ‘Labo’: a creative workshop at Mu.ZEE. For more information: www.mu-zee-um.be


Imagination Lab

The Imagination Lab is a creative oasis amidst the museum’s many rooms. Children, young people and adults can experiment here with collages and assemblages, build structures, create a tableau vivant around the figure of James Ensor, draw a self-portrait at one of the easels, and much more. The assignments are regularly changed to reflect the exhibitions and collection presentations. The Imagination Lab gives the museum’s visitors an opportunity to creatively and actively process what they have just seen at the museum, with the aim of discovering the art on exhibit from another perspective. You can visit the Imagination Lab at no extra charge and without a reservation.